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Light Media Network, Inspirational Media Specialist, consists of over 150 terrestrial, web and mobile-enabled, integrated multimedia domains, communities, apps and social media platforms, exclusively dedicated to providing news, information and entertainment (audio and video) 24/7, which collectively provide clients with uniquely powerful access, reach and visibility within and throughout the burgeoning $500 billion inspirational/urban (millennial) demographic (18-44) market niche.

Through Light Media Network, sponsors and advertisers realize the superior benefits of integrated 360-digital advertising reach via audio/video, banner ads, e-blasts and social media engagement (content + community). Thank you for considering Light Media Network for your marketing, promotions and advertising needs.

*** US Chamber Foundation: “Millennial Direct Purchase Power is $500 Billion”


“Light Media Network, is extremely, efficient and effective in reaching the urban target market (18-44), as well as affordable.”

`Stacey Jackson