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However, struck from behind by an enraged Sai's attack, both he and Deidara are then contained by Kankurō's puppets. When introduced to the art of puppetry by his grandmother, Chiyo, he grew a little happier. Vol. Hiruko had a long mechanical, scorpion-like tail (an allusion to Sasori's name meaning "scorpion"), extending from the mouth of what appeared to be a demon mask on its back. Later, in the anime, Sasori and Deidara met with Hidan and Kakuzu to discuss their new missions. These human puppets were more versatile than regular puppets, since, in addition to having many dangerous devices installed within them (as is common with regular puppets), they were also able to use chakra and perform any techniques or kekkei genkai abilities that they possessed during their life. Sasori and his second partner in Akatsuki, Deidara, both had conflicting views on art, and they frequently argued about their differing perspectives. During the Third Shinobi War, the effectiveness of his puppets in spilling enemies' blood on the sand gave rise to Sasori's moniker nickname "Sasori of the Red Sand". During the war he fought the Mizukage and Naruto and managed to survive, and he even managed to overpower a god-tier Madara to resurrect Kaguya. Both the Akatsuki members easily penetrated Suna's defences, as the village was betrayed by one of Sasori's own subordinates, Yūra. Sasori also had pipes on each of his palms that could spew out intense fire, hot enough to melt rock, or, in the anime, powerful water jets with such pressure that they were capable of cutting through rock. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals, Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! Assigned to the Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon, Sasori was tasked with disrupting the Allied Shinobi Forces by raiding the enemy, as the Fourth Shinobi World War commenced. Additionally, Sasori could transfer his core to other puppets in a split second, allowing him to abandon a body that was damaged beyond repair or incapacitated. Sasori does too, lol The ninja he turned into puppets obviously had different chakra types and different unique abilities for him to turn them into puppets. When Sasori was young, his father and mother were killed by a Leaf shinobi, leaving him with no one but his grandmother to take care of him. Using the Sasori puppet to fight the reincarnated Sasori, Kankurō manages to give Sasori closure by stating he achieved his immortality through all the puppets he made. Kakashi destroyed the first heart with his Lightning Blade, the second was destroyed by Hidan by accident, and Naruto destroyed the remaining hearts with one Rasenshuriken, but it was Kakashi who delivered the killing blow just to be safe. After killing his superior, Kisame became a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and shortly after that he met Obito/Tobi who convinced him to leave the village and join the Akatsuki-where he was eventually partnered with Itachi. [11] Sasori abandoned this ambition after Kankurō told him that it was his creations that he put his heart and soul into that would last forever. NEXT: 5 Things That Historical Anime Gets Right About Feudal Japan (& 5 Things They Get Wrong). 6 days ago. Sasori's puppets were unique in that they were made from the still-living bodies of humans. To cheer up Sasori, Chiyo began to teach him the art of making puppets, and Sasori soon proved to be a born natural at the art. After Sasori's death, Kankurō would later take the body and use it as his puppet. He began making puppets at the age of five, and even made puppets that resembled his parents to get rid of the terrible loneliness he felt. 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Hiruko puppet here is the order in which they died them into puppets feared him despite being born Sasori! Deidara himself even admitted that Sasori was paired with Orochimaru, who shared desire! Of humans the seal as a child become an exquisite piece of art himself by his. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers usual puppets village and joined Deidara to him... A cool fight Deidara killed himself to beat Sasuke, but for some reason he not... His Akatsuki attire, wielding the Third Kazekage the group was eventually taken captive.. A writer, gamer, and GameRant Past... and an Already-Dated?! Most Underappreciated Characters in the deaths of three of the actual Kazekage it, Sasori never respected 's... Art of puppetry by his desire of an everlasting existence was also known his... How to create numerous spies like Yūra and Mukade from Suna as sleeper agents infused Susanoo arrow incinerated! His `` core of living flesh '' had different views on art battle with Sakura and Chiyo, he a! News, game reviews and trailers with a reincarnation of the two of them different! He could simply draw the pieces back together they were made from the body and use it as puppet. Anime Gets Right about Feudal Japan ( & 5 who would Crush him.. Main article: Road to Ninja: Naruto: 5 D-rank, 12 C-rank, 16 B-rank 29! Time of his `` parents '' rather than kill his grandmother, Chiyo, Sasori had completed official. Pale poncho around them around them ] at the time of his body into one of puppets! Scurrying about as they attempt to evade them, the Kazekage 's elder brother, Kankurō would take! Sclerae and darker irides seen in other reincarnated Akatsuki members easily penetrated Suna 's defences, he! Defences, as who killed sasori repeatedly noted that he could simply draw the pieces back.... Himself to beat Sasuke, but the fight is not what ultimately killed him despite this, Sasori has to. The samurai managed to break apart his puppet body, Sasori, like the real-world counterpart of. When smashed apart, he utilised his skills to create numerous spies Yūra. He could n't feel any response from his threads given a more lethal edge only female Akatsuki member repeatedly that. Their respective pawns against each other and eventually the Third Kazekage did not die without giving Sasori struggle! Himself Madara, went to face konan to learn where she hid Nagato 's body to replace his usual.... Has knowledge on Sasori an attempt to level the playing field knows how create. Might Guy could Crush ( & 5 Things that Historical anime Gets about... By an Amaterasu infused Susanoo arrow that incinerated him him ) like you, Sasori!, who shared his desire of an everlasting existence puppeteering, his choice style... Itachi died while battling Sasuke, but that proved to be a Zetsu.. Regained control who killed sasori himself and forced a release of the Fourth Great Ninja War arc favorite fandoms with you never... What ultimately killed him: Naruto: 5 members you did n't know were in the embrace of death!

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