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Course Learning Objectives. The overall objective of this work was to help provide better planning guidelines to enable improved design of structures and operating procedures that will provide more efficient future oil and gas production and aid in the minimization of environmental and safety risks. Each part of the world faces specific vulnerabilities to climate change and has different opportunities to mitigate the effects and build resilience in the 21st century. "The key to understanding the controversy is the science of science denial,” Mr Cook said. Climate Change: An Example 142 4.4 Potential Annual Emission Reduction (Gt CO. 2. eq) 143 4.5 Climate Funds and Transition to Low-Carbon Technologies 146 4.6 Actual Transport Spending and Estimated Requirements, Sub-Saharan Africa 147 4.7 Average Particulate Matter … Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge of our time. From the MOOC's description on edX. Take online courses in environmental science, natural resource management, environmental policy and civic ecology. ... 200 faculty members and hundreds of students, and now including the Harvard Center Shanghai, online courses through EdX, and three new research centers on campus. But we must start by taking a first step to responding to this 'super-wicked' problem. In this 4-week online course, you will start by getting to know each other and the basics of climate science and climate change impacts on … Climate change is an urgent problem that affects everything from human health and food security to immigration patterns and water resources. Although many of the world’s most important crops and livestock species originate in mountain regions, hunger is rising in these areas due to biodiversity loss and climate change, according to a joint study published on Friday by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and partners. This course was created before the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP21 – in Paris. Climate Change: The Science. Join climate scientist expert Michael Mann to learn about the basic scientific principles behind climate change and global warming. This science course will discuss how energy drives our climate system, the Greenhouse effect, and human influences on climate. Given what we know about the threats that climate change poses to humans, we must take swift action. edX The Health Effects of Climate Change $0.00 from edX Free; $149 for a certificate. With the ratification of the Paris Agreement, many countries have acceded to act in combatting climate change. This course covers the basics of climate change, from science to action, and will assist you in developing a consistent climate message. We’ll discuss flows of energy and carbon in Earth’s climate system, how climate models work, climate history, and future forecasts. Each are 'wicked' problems, meaning they defy easy solutions. Climate change is acknowledged by scientists, governments, businesses and social, environmental and economic organisations as the greatest challenge of our time. By the end of this course, you will: Climate Change Science and Negotiations is a single-semester course. See the upcoming classes (for the next 30 days) and the last inserted or updated MOOC and Free Online Courses. Climate scientists and education specialists collaborated to develop a curriculum for middle and high school science classrooms. It addresses the fundamental issues of climate science, the impacts of climate change on society and on global resources, mitigation, and adaptation strategies. Create engaging online learning programs for free with Online Campus Essentials. Created with support from the Harvard Global Health Institute, health students and experts can now learn about the intersection of climate change and public health through an online, self-paced edX course titled “The Health Effects of Climate Change.” The U.S.-China joint announcement on climate change represents a defining moment between our two countries and for the world, a moment worthy of celebration. There are several assigned reading for the course as follows: - Note - they are now also listed with every lecture. This course will give you the knowledge you need, and practice communicating about climate change. Learn the basics of climate science and how everything in the earth’s climate system is interconnected. Climate change is an urgent problem that affects everything from human health and food security to immigration patterns and water resources. Climate change and development both involve many complex problems. The course will set contemporary human-caused climate change within the context of past nature climate variability. Climate Change: The Science – UBCx – January 11, 2016. Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge of our time. As a global community, we need to soon level off – and then decrease – the amount of carbon dioxide (CO 2) and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.The faster we do this, the less damage we will cause to our world and our way of life. How to Review IPCC Assessment Reports: Webinars and Guidance for Climate Experts

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