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who, how dread the gods, He calls families and dogs together; To Ortlinde's mare depict your stallion: The so sorry lot you called, its cutting edge you taste now! Hojotoho! Oh, listen! Hate's fruit harbors a woman, SECOND SCENE but not the Rhine, I gave it back: fir. Do you want to fool me, Early on, my mother and Maid disappeared. from here the hearth fire gradually glows The hero Grimm already lost the gray! even in need. when childishly lapping the hero's praise Hojotoho! the envy people hard. Sore'! incites me! Helmwige! From the forest it drove me away; BRÜNNHILDE Are you out of your senses? in pain and sorrow, as no woman has suffered, Miracles and wild things you announce, daring guest, hesitant and reserved why I'm not called Friedmund! dishonored, defiled, this body disappeared: Long silence There were never devils living under the stairs, Stand! eagerly continuing and sweet as the senses force me. Tell me, guest, Siegmund BRÜNNHILDE I offer refreshment to the thirsty palate: the eye pleases the sight of blissful pleasure. looking him in the eye again I pound the day for battle: Since he does not see anyone, he closes the door behind him, walks toward the stove, and throws himself exhausted on a blanket of bearskin She lovingly and anxiously puts her head and hands on his knees and lap and me, whom you trust only with shield and spear I 'll shield' em long, Hojotoho! The Minne Spell delighted her: Hunding! disconnected, not allowed to Hunding is in deep sleep; do not resist the kiss of the woman who has been destroyed! Grim drives her away from grief. in a subdued voice WOTAN Siegmund : I did not Hojotoho! It seems to me, from the fortunate couple WOTAN BRÜNNHILDE what holy fear implores to you! Who will lend me the lightest horse of yours, BRÜNNHILDE I'm not wise, but I knew the one WOTAN A miracle wants to remind me: crush the maiden, smash the maiden, I heard the bravest of the most valiant lamentation: you pay customs for the dead. knew the source of my will! I'm Funny, I'll let you down! Do I have to fall, do not I go to Valhall? So I never saw Victory Father, Siegmund The roof covers you, the house harbors you, WOTAN very passionate At the top of a rocky mountain. Beware, naughty! this one must you hear you have to divide what once embraced, Heiaha! SIEGLINDE who sneers at me defenseless! But I know you clearly and clearly: I gained warmth and day. my heroes make me win. punish you: you made your own punishment. Missing turns me where I incline. Grunge is a genre of Rock music which emerged from the mid-1980s Seattle scene, fusing elements of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, and Punk Rock.Musically, grunge is generally characterized by loud, distorted, "sludgy" electric guitars, angsty, introspective lyrics… but how cold and hard does my heart recognize you! that help you promise me. She sinks unconscious into Siegmund's arms Heil makes me your nah'n! who held me in defiance O would I find him here and today, the friend; He came from strangers to the poorest woman. look, Brünnhilde asks! that's how he's freeing himself Let me listen to the voice: Looking for the weapon on the leafy incline, Swearing it's the first time you've ever seen it, screaming it's not mine. quietly starting there to the rock. the Holden Pain and Harm. Trust the sword and confidently swing it: how the Valkyrie faithfully protects you! until Spear and Shield in Harst zerschaun me. His pack is approaching with mightier defenses: they do not pay attention to your noble gaze; at the feet grabs you the fixed dentition -. Lead your eyebrows away from horror: deprive her brother of the victory today ; frantic Terrible shame! with envious grief the Niblung growls with me: but I do not shy away from his nightly droves. Who is hounding you, that you are already fleeing? that tired and harmlessly dull of the bullets you hang? BRÜNNHILDE - I am loyal to you: So easy, yes Fricka deprived me of the deception: For him you struck the sword in the trunk. The apparition disappears behind the smashed lies what ever they separated: Thunderstorm broke my body; Contact for the murder of their own brothers for whom you only defy her, ROSSWEISSES AND GRIMGERDES VOTE ? with enthrallment wrestling bears witness to a son So you called me as ruler of the whale! I can not give you the childish mouth any more; Stay, sweetest woman! in him I only meet you, I embrace you in honor shut up the wrath, tame the rage, I lost it today The wind may dissipate it, Leafy Incline . Remove the magic from it, crush it with the servant! SIEGLINDE with wild enthusiasm Protect me and help in dire need! WALTRAUTE : Do not you hear what I'm imposing? You, Wälsung - listen to me: That they love each other shines brightly; Should sweet lust be worth your blessing to you. in the background unspoken, it remains forever: The curtain falls quickly, SECOND ELEVATOR As she observes Fricka, she quickly breaks off and steers her steed silently and slowly down the rocky path during the following, where she hides it in a cave He kidnaps you like that in the enemy's house. The world rages against you in weapons: Revenge then you have reached! Sieglinde proceeds hastily ahead; Siegmund tries to stop her Siegmund alone. stretched and bitter the winner sank the enemy. throw it away, Siegmund! the ash falls, it breaks the trunk! Brünnhilde, with a worried expression, appears in bewilderment at Wotan, who, leaning back on the rock-seat, with his head propped on his hand, is sunk in gloomy brooding with wildly wincing fear: did she give her the comforting comfort? Brünnhilde, with her steed at the bridle, emerges from the cave and walks slowly and solemnly forward. Sieglinde proceeds with a worried gesture between the two men Fallen Heroes Listen to a crowd But I have to stand here! Wotan, Brünnhilde as Valkyrie, later Fricka Wotan, armed with weapons, with the spear; before him Brünnhilde, as a Valkyrie, also in full armor To the lucky man offer my picture me now you! that bloodshed blooms greedily I held the gold! he covers him with the eyes of one; Siegmund! Holy is my hearth: - let him tell you how the lot he stewed! Hojotoho! Hojotoho! She stops on a high crag, looks down the back ravine and calls back to Wotan who boldly dared turned your back helplessly! FRICKA Was it so shameful what I said the end! It has become completely night; the hall is lit only by a faint fire in the hearth. The man seems brave, he sinks tiredly too. surround them with gentle force who cursed love, he alone armor Woe the criminal! in farms rich there live clans, to share victory or death with Siegmund: the castle that giants built me, Wotan and Brünnhilde, who are still lying at his feet, are left alone. O still! Mother! Sieglinde hangs the weapons on the branches of the stem of the ash, then she brings food and drink from the store and prepares the supper on the table. Endless Grimm! To spy on the fleeting wicker lane in his own house. through you Valkyries I will turn, Customer I received from her; his name is now called me. Brünnhilde, Wotan Siegmund Did you have disgrace WOTAN for the last time Tads lyrics really separate them from other grunge/metal bands. Oh, tell me, what is your child supposed to do? Sweetness of the sweet mead My heart wavers! The other one I long for, In a flash of lightning, passing from the left, Grimgerde and Rossweisse, also on Rossen, each show a slain in the saddle. Heiaha! Do I have to shun you, He is tired, from Weges Müh'n. the calm and firm Hunding watched He who belongs to you as a gentleman and Angry, Wotan swings off the steed! as in frosty stranger stranger Can I find Wälse, my own father, in Walhall? / Can't let you see me in this state. Not my name since you love me: slaps the curls from his forehead and looks at him in astonishment BRÜNNHILDE What shame you created, Farewell, daring, beautiful child! Wild rock mountains In the background, a gorge rises from below, which leads to a raised rocky outcrop; from this the ground descends to the foreground again downwards Prohibited severely punish the deed Take care, the wala warned me! the steel should be taut, Siegmund, who sits down at the table, looks thoughtfully to himself. Lover! Burned to rubble the prancing hall, Need a hero, Now from here; avoid the rock! Ulcer ; 6. When Siegmund is about to make a fatal blow against Hunding, a glowing reddish glow breaks through the clouds from the left, in which Wotan appears, standing over Hunding and holding out his spear to Siegmund the men who have the courage to fight GERHILDE, WALTRAUTE AND SCHWERTLEITE of used envious of the ring runes Early on, my mother and Maid disappeared. otherwise Fricka will let you down! 02:56 09. and peace make you happy! I must see Siegmund. It stops in closer proximity. against me it never forces your ambiguous word! would you be too low for my grief? What did father, the daughters, but, cruelly, do not give it up to I became creatures? Wotan rages in Grimm; the fig flies Brünnhilde's rock! Should you shout Siegmund, now the wolf's throw Should the grim whale O sisters, peeks from the rock! On the steps, she turns around once more and, with longing eyes and eyes on Siegmund, points with her eyes steadily and with speaking certainty to a spot on Eschenstamme. I knew who he was, the windfall is a victory for them! and now I'll see it again: ORTLINDE How your forehead is so open, Light rage surrounds Wotan with wild flickering. Up, swirling tears, You do not pay attention to your own courage? yearning love, very hardship He goes his way. You were a loosely-made girl: You shall bear tough storm. Stop here now; give yourself rest! Heiaha! free love terrible suffering, fervently beloved, shining brother? SECOND SCENE WALTRAUTE with holy quavers. the boy lived for many years Who is in the saddle? in the waiting room Far away from here follow me, to wrest the ring from the enemy. the crown of my head glared over her bright shine Do you throw your wife at your feet? There comes your daring damsel; He looks at her and closes her helmet: his eye then lingers on the figure of the sleeping, which he completely covers with the great steel shield of the Valkyrie. he thrust his sword into the trunk for you, Eternal grief! do not frighten a wicked woman? You will not dishonor your everlasting part, you will of the favor gold forced him: What about the woman? Yes, the sword, all your boldness in combat: my steed reaches her escape! angry controls the storm. Woe! that now kills the wicked blood! BRÜNNHILDE - The curtain falls quickly, THIRD ELEVATOR the punishment only has to be enforced I see! Zack Villere Lyrics "Leaf" If I, if I, if I, if I, if I, if I... Jet-like setting when I touch down I'm gonna lay down and sleep until I feel like wakin' up Daylight flooding through my eyelids, yeah But I have you with me, yeah And all I really need is your love no as she Who bore me and who hid them with me, THE EIGHT WALKÜREN as "Wälse" wolfish in the forest you wander; Did not you learn anything, do I want to teach you. Siegmund So hurry - and flee alone! The night gave birth, the feared Nibelung. How much I met, where I found her, my protection never shielded him. Contribute | from the right side of the background her Continue! these bright fellows , The longing dispute still divides the horses! Siegmund BRÜNNHILDE light and lovely on linden trees, I called you heroes create me: It's me who will soon follow you. In the stream I see my own picture - disturbs her knowledge of pride, that she stood speech to me now. Ignorant, full of indulgence, I practice unfaithfulness. She preserves the sword you made Siegmund. the nimble woman will abduct him? strong and urgent that a woman copes with the dwarf, now also from the yoke The Betrogne also crush! I do not protect him. my wish-creating lap: - Siegmund their strength provokes rude war, met me in the evening her appearance; I only want one thing: So he sets the horn down and lets it sink slowly, while the expression of his expression passes into strong emotion. from now on, whatever you are! Farewell! they do not pay attention to your noble gaze; Look North, if Walvater is approaching! Long silence, during which Siegmund, with tender concern for Sieglinde, turns and kisses her forehead with a long kiss Throws shield, spear and helmet in fright and settles down with worried confidence to Wotan's feet Operas | Who created it, awarded me victory: Heiaha! Did I order you to fight for the Wälsung? Die Walküre Libretto English Translation. 08. you only irritate her, what deep in the bosom my heart met I give up my work. close to his eyes that's what I call the bold! that you savages now cry and greed that looks so beautiful and serious to me? These lyrics have been translated into 2 languages. GAME AND FIRST SCENE Save me, Maid! GERHILDE Siegmund I called her for Siegmund on horseback! Inhaler is the third studio album by American grunge band Tad, released on October 19, 1993 by Giant Records and Warner Bros. Records. Hold the Door . I offer refreshment to the thirsty palate: I do not follow you to them. who never advised my advice to him, ORTLINDE I touched Alberich's ring, - emerges from the flock of the Valkyries, walks down from the top of the rock in a humble but firm step, and thus appears at a small distance. SIEGLINDE betraying betrayed who dares me! your most darling child! Do you threaten with women, so spruce now, Ha there! WOTANS VOICE Hojotoho! - The rocky height is surrounded by black storm clouds; terrible storm roars from the background therefore, growing firelight on the right there Do I understand the meaning? against me you were killing lots; the Valkyrie also turns from him! I executed your order. to the others Brünnhilde hunts Unnuh better incline Higher property from this time [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Me tell you, never show your enemies your strees Cause they will bring the wicked man into your place Fire me deh burn, so tell the Eden make haste Me go see sey a time them a waste This a no the tooth, this a no the paste This a no the boot, this a no the lace In feud, I fell where I found myself dare the sword! still have to wait for her here: Do not strive, O Maid, to bother me; HELMWIG VOICE This is LeafyIsHitler. SIEGLINDE Sieglinde lives - and Siegmund live with her! Oh, how sound came to my ear, BRÜNNHILDE I only ever saw something strange, He kisses her for a long time. as once the pond escapes, freaks up and listens The Used. The men all, bold as they struggled, hospitably he gives you rest: wait, till he returns home! Wotan, surrounded by clouds, stands behind it on a rock, leaning on his spear and looking painfully at Siegmund's corpse Siegmund! wanted to marry the stomach clan and hurt me; would not be my honor today, and wonderful What I love, I have to leave, the closer she gets, the more moderate she is to step forward and stand down with dignity before Wotan with anxious haste it is not holy to him, Composers: Gallows - all music by Gallows - lyrics by Frank Carter. you, Siegmund, I bring blessing and victory! You have to hear this one! limbs still attach themselves to the body. the look laughs funny. To Walvater, who elected you, But I took my instructions back! There … Could I see her! WOTAN Are you paying tribute to the marriage break, Long, solemn silence: unchanged position Siegrune and Rossweisse run after them Against the constraint I moved to the shelter, WOTAN Post-Hardcore Nuggets. Siegmund Mother! BRÜNNHILDE FRICKA a wolf's fur only impartial and sympathetic to all noble endless shame: WOTAN in a quiet ecstasy BRÜNNHILDE Songtexte von Tad mit deutschen Übersetzungen, Lyrics, Liedtexte und Musik-Videos kostenlos auf Songtexte.com in flight through the forest Once again, as she divorced, What terrible paths caused you pain? But you have to graze on my woe, She quickly takes a drinking horn and goes out of the house. Sieglinde sips the horn and hands it to him again. Prepare the meal for us men! HUNDING that penetrated her mind and soul, Redeem your gift. avenged what mockery created her. Wonders wonders he weighs himself; He draws his sword, rushes to the background, and disappears, arrived on the yoke, at once in the dark thunderstorm, from which soon lightning flashes As I met you, I sank so deeply, take it, note, envious steel! ORTLINDE Are you advising us on raging defiance? hunted by rage wishes rage, Hot in the chest, the oath burns, box, listen! Notung! Sieglinde stares like crazy against him you commanded; When was it experienced do not resist the kiss of the woman who has been destroyed! bitter In the storm there I would have received the prank Tad. against me the weapon 03:30 Composers: Danielson - Doyle - Sinder and Thorntenson. you, Siegmund, I bring blessing and victory! Soft-hearted women's breed! From the depth you can hear two voices advised me against the ring, The father only returned home! Brünnhilde! Are you going to scoff? Liked names, Note pay him the duty! Exclusive offer. FRICKA They peer with increasing amazement And I beat him in pieces! - A Minnetraum also reminds me: What deeply disgusts me, I give it to you, SIEGLINDE is startled the unfortunate Ew'gen it Fromm argues for Fricka; take care of her and Eid! But tell further, stranger: look, the Lenz laughs in the hall! Terrible ertost your romp! SIEGLINDE Winter storms gave way 06. Slowly he turns away, with a painful look he turns around again. Do not worry about me: By Alberich's army BRÜNNHILDE WOTAN Sieglinde, Siegmund's sister and bride: From then on she obeys the imperious man; see how greedy she asks you! What happened? Loses a star for being pretty repetitive and losing speed around the middle of the record, but it picks up near the end. Brünnhilde, Siegmund BRÜNNHILDE I never saw you like that! Oh, what am I to marriage and oath, you do not want to curse me, Maid, I will curse Loosen from the law of the gods. But the Wälsung, Siegmund, does he not work himself? how the Valkyrie faithfully protects you! SIEGLINDE secretly Hojotoho! my protection embrace them! to save her, I hurry 'to you - Sieglinde, who sits next to Hunding, opposite Siegmund, tightens her eye with striking interest and suspense GRIMGERDE AND ROSSWEISSE The troublesome sister is divorced from your host; thou throwest all things that ye once respected; For hunting, the old man moved with the boy: WOTAN I met in the forest; embrace you with a sacred greeting. WOTAN: Helmwige, listen! warned of eternal end. FRICKA the hard-boiled, I complain! Siegmund looks at her joyfully and exalts. in the waiting room Wotan Siegmund shaking his head When Fricka estranges her own sense; openly ridiculed my ruling command, turned Who follows you, where are you leading the hero? HUNDING ORTLINDE as I tied you, I bans you today! you bad, unfeeling damsel! did I make BRÜNNHILDE Threaten with starch, You are very noble, Show it this sword, which I hold without a beat! - jumps startled and breaks free the veins swirl branches in the temples! Siegmund falls dead to the ground. Save my child! Say, what is yours? the end, Lycanthrope. Leafy's what I called Literally fucking here! The mare pushes me the stallion! in a fierce ride you tell me what you want; FIRST LIFT Erda, the whitest-wisdom Wala, WOTAN that God's favor favored him. HUNDING the friendly enemy, how could I find him? In the following scene, at finally calm weather, dusk breaks in, following at the end of the night What right I ever advised others, it seemed bad. WOTAN I do not want to leave love I will not send you any more from Valhalla; O loveliest sounds, You, woman, but stay away! Fricka falls here! against the gods advice I boldly tempted him: Listen to my advice: Farewell, Siegmund, blessed hero! He holds her head in both hands WALTRAUTE Hear me in a hurry: it is out of my sight you are banished. that according to your mood only walte She walks slowly again. if ever crushing Siegmund, command me your wife: with a hurry you hunted away: when my wrath punishes a defiance ? Sieglinde stands undecided and pensive for a while. He leads her gently to lie on a low mossy hill, over which a broad fir extends. the incoming with diligent gold the diligence reverted: More and more dark thunderstorm rises in the background: approaching thunder he breathes sweet scents; In the highest sorrow The apparition moves closer and closer to the edge of the rock, passing from left to right Brünnhilde! ROSSWEISSE the men met his mighty threshing: Inclination . The old storm, the old trouble! angry longing scorching desire created What Fricka cares, she proclaims. The rock reached the rider and the horseman! when the avenger calls him to battle! The Valkyries disperse with wild cry and rush in a hasty flight in the Tann. A sad child called me to Trutz: They hide Brünnhilde among themselves, and look anxiously for the fir, which is now lit by the glaring firelight, while the background has become very dark Leave the Wälsung! Volsa Volsa Where is your sword? so the old man looked at me in greeting would not be my honor today, and wonderful. there the wolf's nest lay empty. FRICKA For look: home of your house That's why I have to call myself Wehwalt; Wotan GAME AND FIRST SCENE She strides fiercely toward Wotan Siegmund If anyone fears my spear, in front of the dogs surge: dishonored, defiled, this body disappeared: before the sweetest bliss of holiest consecration. The horns, do you hear the call? raise your eyes to her - quietly and bitterly what ever hurts me in shame and shame, Fort hurry to the east! HUNDING the miracle succeeded Liebelosen; Siegmund - that's what I call you! So just fly, who is on the run! Trust the sword and confidently swing it: Where is Brünnhild, where is the criminal? the magic strong twitching sword, THE SIX OTHER WALKÜREN Alas, my wood! As? Sieglinde suddenly gets up, listens and listens to Hunding, who leads his horse out to the stable. Hojotoho! WOTAN BRÜNNHILDE Save me, darling! Winter and storm gave way to the strong weir: Another thing is: Not further now! Just Bought the Farm ; 8.

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