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ROLL CALL Steve Christensen Sherry Lancon Scott Lehrman Amy Phillips Aaron Richardson Carson Bergstrom Abraham Mendoza Juan Mojica . Deborah Ross came in first by a wide margin with 70% of the vote. Limited Seating at Milton's. In the same vein as the social justice pushes by the OEA are WCPSS’ continued invasion of student privacy and violation of federal law both at the district level with the use of the BIMAS-2 psychological assessment and with the “Diversity Inventory.”. Moderator of the forum and chair of the Chamber board of directors, Rick Stephenson, asked the candidates to directly speak to student families with this question. Heagarty is finishing up his first term on the board representing part of NW Cary in the Panther Creek High School area. To view which schools fall under which district, visit the WCPSS Board Member page. All Candidates. Gregory Hahn. “I think what parents who elect the school board want them to do is to get their kids back is school now.”. Carter, a Wake County native, is a social worker, a former substitute and Kindergarten teacher who has “over 17 years of experience in supporting, educating, and advocating for and empowering children and families.” She’s also a single mom who has advocated tirelessly for her children enrolled in Wake County Schools. Johnson-Hostler                           Hahn                                 Hamilton. Two other candidates—Steve Bergstrom and Karent Carter—are also advocating for issues like “transparency” and a “return to traditional education,” but without going into specific detail. Steve Bergstrom. Story by Ashley Kairis. Mahaffey has literally done nothing to alleviate overcrowding in Southern Wake and has never stood up for the families who have been repeatedly shuffled around as a result of reassignment plans she and the board created. On the virtual forum was current board member representing District 7, made up of mostly Morrisville and Leesville areas,Chris Heagarty for district 7. Felton ran for a second term unopposed and was reelected but died suddenly on November 16, 2016, at the age of 65. #Cary150, our sesquicentennial, is something to celebrate just when we need something to celebrate. We need to understand that changes are fluid and that we communicate those changes clearly.”. By working with Duke University and other health professionals, Fletcher says the board is working on creating a roadmap for the way forward to re-opening schools. The virtual chamber event was open to the 7 candidates representing the western districts of Wake County — 7, 8 and 9. Karen Carter. That school could be on the other side of town instead of the one near your home. Districts one, two, seven, eight, and nine all received challengers, while three through six did not, leaving the incumbent running unopposed. “It is very, very difficult to make sure that everybody has what they are looking for, but we certainly are listening,” said Mahaffey. Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and others.” One of his children was one of the thousands of kids in the district negatively impacted by MVP Math. Other issues that will likely come up are the board’s inability to keep within their constantly rising billion-dollar budget and the inability to plan for growth and build schools accordingly as evidenced by the persistence of trailer farms attached to every school in the district – even brand new ones. This list will be updated as websites are created and more candidate information becomes available, so please check back. Speaking of COVID-19, the board had no continuity of education plan in place when the school closures hit and their tone-deaf commentary about remote learning was hard to miss. Scott was elected to the board in 2018 after defeating Donald Mial and Jim Thompson in the general election that year. “I began to develop the terrible trait of procrastination and started to forget how to truly study for a test. While District 9 covers most of Cary, Districts 7 and 9 also dip into parts of Cary. All of the MVP court filings are available at Parents Rights. Cooper asks for "significant executive action" to curb COVID-19 spread, Guilford County Schools teacher charged with multiple counts of sex act with a student, Socialists Among Us: Turning a ‘Proffitt’. The seats representing western Wake County on the Wake County Public School System’s School Board are for districts 7, 8 and 9. Website: ElectLindsay In the 2020 General Election, the candidates for the Wake County School Board will be voted on by district. If you are unfamiliar with this term, this is a scenario where your child will be assigned to a school-based on a score derived from various economic variables. Cary, NC — On October 14, The Cary Chamber hosted their second candidates forum, this time for those running to represent Cary on the Wake County Board of Education. Website: BillFletcherForSchoolBoard Bergstrom is one of six members of the church's board of elders. Voters should look at the bios of the candidates are on their campaign sites as well as check out their social media, which at times, can be highly illuminating. “Opening up the doors to the building is not going to fix all the issues that we’re seeing in our community.” She underscored the importances of social distancing, masks, hand washing and an overall new and safer experience for kids returning to school. Notably, she has been openly hostile towards charter schools and school choice. Board member Lindsay Mahaffey defeated challenger Steve Bergstrom for the District 8 seat 62 to 37 percent. Images screen captured from the live event. Education is important to him as he is dyslexic, which made him a late reader. Board Member, shared a progression of student learning through the WMEA Standards by showing a video. Hartenstine had filled the seat once held by Zora Felton who died in November 2016. I believe that teachers want to return to schools. Hahn has not run for school board before, lives in Fuquay-Varina, and is the father of four boys, all of whom were public school students. During the hotly contested school reassignments that also took place in 2018, Fletcher was accused by parents of personally benefitting from those plans and for failing to recuse himself. He also made a point to jab at his District 8 opponent, Lindsay Mahaffey, claiming that she did not listen to parent concerns in a recent meeting. The chimes playing from the bell tower of the limestone church are electronic. Carter is a Triangle native with a degree and experience in social work. Notably, she has been openly hostile towards charter schools and school choice. Before running for school board, Heagarty, a Democrat, was the House Representative for District 41 from 2009 to 2011 at the N.C. General Assembly. Items in her platform that stuck out were her buy-in of pseudo-science Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) concepts like “Whole child investment: socio-emotional services,” “Common Core ‘Career and College Readiness’ and  her mention of districts as community hubs that should have “culturally competent schools.”, Heagarty                                 Mills. How do you respond to those families and concerns?”. She is was a school teacher in a charter school when she first moved to Raleigh which is ironic as she has gone along with the rest of the WCPSS board lobbing attacks at charter schools and school choice families. First to answer was Heagarty who laid out the “untenable” positions that families have brought to the board. Her website says she moved here 18 years ago from Long Island, NY. Website: Vote4Dorian Website: Heather For Wake The OEA has promoted radicals like BLM’s Patrisse Cullors, anti-American historical revisionist Howard Zinn, and continues to push teacher training modules from the progressive propaganda from Teaching Tolerence, the far-left agenda-driven offshoot of the now-disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center. As she runs for a second term, she says her three guiding pillars are to support students, trust teachers and strengthen the community. 5. Heagarty was appointed to the District 7 seat on December 11, 2018. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We have an excellent opportunity to have our voices heard on the board. She was reelected in 2018 after defeating Bob Malone and John Crowe. “Many families share that they haven’t felt heard or listened to with regards to the school re-opening plan. Pricket is a former WCPSS board member for District 7 first elected in 2009. And on the topic at hand, Mahaffey said a poll went to NC and Wake County families, finding that roughly 30% of parents prefer virtual only, 30% preferred a hybrid option and 30% preferred all in-person schooling. Challenger: Steve Bergstrom Website: SteveForWake8 Bergstrom is a U.S. Airforce veteran and father of four children, all of whom attend public school. In 2006, long-time supporter and Advisory Board member Kelley Bergstrom … It’s time to vote them out. Bergstrom disagreed in saying that it is not an untenable situation and reaffirmed that parents like him do not feel heard and most want their kids back in Schoo full-time with safety measures in place. Rachel Mills. His reason for running for school, as he puts it, is because he saw issues that need to be fixed. Each candidate and their campaign site is listed below along with some historical and campaign context. Wake County’s version is one week at school, two weeks at home with a social distancing busing plan that has parents expecting to have to drive their kid unless they want to miss half the school day. Madding seems to have some misconceptions about charter schools, stating that “charter schools don’t provide transportation and other services, which leads to more socio-economically advantaged families choosing charter schools.” Truth: Charters get far less money than their traditional counterparts, yet many of them do provide transportation anyway. Mr. Scott Lassiter. I support continuing to work on policies, procedures, and agreements that serve this goal. Be sure to go to the bottom of your ballot and find one of the candidates below in your district and vote to help bring some financial responsibility back to the School Board. Opening of School Update 2020-2021: Dr. Bergstrom presented the Board with an update Read more in the update at the bottom of this article. “What parents are coming to the school board and saying is we want a choice. Perhaps somewhat uncoincidentally, there’s also been a steady increase in social justice and politically motivated curriculum pumped into classrooms since the Office Of Equity Affairs (OEA) was established. The board approved chan- ging the date for Heppner Stephen Lindstrom rad""tion from May Request tor Spot Welder Lynn Killpack, Industrial Arts instructor at lone High School and John Rietmann 2nd place National winner in the James E. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation appear ed to give a presentation and request for a spot welder fur lone shop. Austin was a good friend of mine. and. Johnson-Hostler was the next closest, with 22% of the vote. COVID-19 is getting in the way right now, but this board is dead set on reassigning students based on their “socioeconomic index” rating. Website: DanForWCSchools To provide the mechanisms that allow for students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and facilitators for global good. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Political Science. Website: Karen4Wake Steve Bergstrom Wake Schools District 8 As a veteran, I fought for our country, but that fight isn’t over -- for me it’s just on another front. 2. She ran unopposed in 2018 and ran for U.S. House North Carolina District 2, losing in the Democratic primary field of four candidates. 3. According to his site, he’s “managed $36 billion in contracts for the Department of Defense. During my time on the School Board, my colleagues and I have revised Board policies with the goal of decreasing police interactions with students. Please follow and like Steve Bergstrom for Wake County School Board. Wake Commissioner & School Board Elections 2020. Mahaffey is a mother of 3, a teacher with her masters degree and has served on the Wake County school board for four years. Bergstrom believes parents have a right to know what is going on in their child’s classroom. At one such board meeting, Prickett tried to address upset parents only to have Evans literally yank the microphone out of Prickett’s hand in an attempt to silence her. Outside of his prior accusation on listening to speakers at a recent meeting, Bergstrom also had his fair share of head shaking, smirking and speaking while Mahaffey was responding, even though he was muted on the Zoom call. The third candidate, Daniel Madding, has withdrawn his candidacy. Father of four and U.S. Air Force veteran, Steve Bergstrom, is now a commercial pilot and brings experience in budget management from his time working for the Department of Defense. She ran again in 2013 and lost to retired teacher Zora Felton. D8 Steve Bergstrom D2 Greg Hahn D1 Deborah Prickett D5 Mary Beth Moore D7 Rachel Mills Website(s): MonikaForSchools,  MonicaForCongress “Each student should be provided with a sound education with proven vetted curriculums and any necessary academic support to ensure they rise to the next level,” Carter’s website says. So, who filed and where? Incumbent: Monika Johnson-Hostler Steve Bergstrom To ensure that the Public School System in Wake County provides it's K-12 students with an unbiased, quality education that will prepare them to be productive American citizens. Unfortunately, I don’t know the details you’re referring to, so I’d say reaching out to Cary’s 311…, Will the electric sanitation truck have the range to reach the Wake County land fills/multimaterial disposal sites and return to…. I have other people that write to me saying that we can’t open schools until there’s a proven vaccine that’s been going on for months and anything else is just killing people,” said Heagarty. Also don’t forget, MVP Math attempted to intimidate and silence one father by suing him. His website says that he was active in the PTA at their elementary school and is also engaged at the middle school as his sons are now both there. The Council will assist the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, the Park Authority, School Board, the Planning Commission, commissions, and authorities of Fairfax County on the allocation, use, and management and future planning of County athletic resources. 4. Bottom row from left is Steve Bergstrom of District 8, Chris Heagarty of District 7 and Lindsay Mahaffey of District 8. Challenger 2: Daniel Madding — DROPPED OUT. Website: VoteGregHahn I have a child in AIG and special education.” She also says “I don’t have a political agenda,” she just wants the best for our students and teachers. We were members of Cary American Legion Post 67 and members of Westwood…, Curtis, I am not sure. He grew up in Wake County Schools and now has two kids in middle school. On his site, which is minimalist at the moment, he says that “we need more transparency in Wake County School District.”, Challenger 2: Dorian Hamilton (Stephenson) He advocates for transparency between the board and the community. Steve Bergstrom is running for Wake School Board District 8. Karen Carter. Mills is a mom of two public school kids and is pro-school choice “Even within the school,” and she says that “you should have choices in what educational model and class works best for your student.

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