regex positive lookbehind not supported

\ze and \zs for positive lookaround. If you can implement them while preserving the guarantees made by the current package regexp, namely that it makes a single scan over the input and runs in O(n) time, then I … That is, it allows to match a pattern only if there’s something before it. It is a consequence of not knowing how to implement them efficiently. Lookbehind in JS regular expressions - OTHER Global usage 75.51% + 0% = 75.51%; Zero-width assertion that ensures a pattern is preceded by another pattern in a JavaScript regular expression. 12 - 18: Not supported; 79 - 86: Supported; 87: Supported; Like .NET, the regex alternate regular expressions module for Python captures 123 to Group 1. Side note: I usually recommend RegExr for the fiddling with regular expressions but lookbehinds are not supported yet. Negative lookbehind: (?

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