why did dutch shoot micah

Harley Quinn vs. Black Cat: Whose Crew Can Pull Off The Best Heist? Dutch also mentions that he left his home when he was 15 years old because he rarely got alo… Others just shoot first. Dutch kills Micah as a means not just to get revenge - but as a way of finding redemption for himself, and maybe finding some sort of closure. Arthur breathed out in happiness. Earth is the melting pot of the universe - Doom Eternal, good question. This could be because Dutch feels sentimental for the past. Micah represents corruption and betrayal, and killing him is a way for Dutch to be redeemed. He is broken out days later by Arthur Morgan, before they go on a shooting spree in the town before heading back to Dutch. Xbox Series X Review: Super Fast and Super Familiar, Why Dutch Killed [SPOILER] In Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Revolver's Main Character Is Hiding In Red Dead Redemption 2, Can Arthur Morgan Be Cured In Red Dead Redemption 2, Among Us Meme Perfectly Describes Private Lobbies vs. Public Games, Discovery Season 4 Theory: Stamets Is Star Trek's New Khan, Bling Empire: Everything To Know About Kane Lim, Blizzard Called Out For BLM Protest Support After Blitzchung Hong Kong Controversy. So this fandom/ship may be dead, and I may have not written/published fic in over two years, but idk and idc because I recently finished RDR2 and I have f e e l i n g s and I just really needed to get this out of my system Micah, in shock, tries to retaliate but John seizes the opportunity and finishes Micah off for good. Due to this, Micah manages to reverse the situation on Sadie. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. The gang disbands when the Pinkertons show up and begin shooting at them. He loves Dragon Quest (obviously), JRPGs (obviously), and old wooden ships. Now, after all that's happened, in his mind Micah represents everything that went wrong with the Van Der Linde Gang. Micah Bell III was born circa 1860 to Micah Bell Jr., a ruthless petty outlaw. However, John is eventually able to convince Dutch to side against Micah, thus resulting in him shooting Micah before leaving. He already agreed to team back up with Micah, and even left the money afterwards. This is especially true when discussing Dutch Van Der Linde's killing of one of the main characters. It's not surprising, since Micah betrayed the Van Der Linde gang and got many people killed over the course of Red Dead Redemption 2's story. >>540884717 Yes, they did. If Arthur didn't believe Micah, neither did he. "Get out of here, Micah," Dutch said fiercely. Dutch didn't have any reason to kill John, and they were both there to kill Micah. In the end, it is Micah's fault (though, arguably, Dutch's responsibility) that the gang falls apart. Dutch also begins trusting Micah more, especially after Hosea dies, because Micah plays to Dutch's ego while Arthur continually questions the rationale behind his plans. Why does my horse sometimes refuse to gallop? John left for an entire year for apparently no particular reason. Why Dutch Really Shot Micah In Red Dead Redemption 2 According to one Red Dead Redemption 2 theory, Dutch has tracked Micah down with the intent to get revenge. Then Dutch shot … Arthur looked at Dutch in shock. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. However, surprisingly, Dutch shoots Micah. After the initial confrontation, John and Sadie have Micah at gunpoint before Dutch shows up by surprise. Even Hosea admits to wanting to leave Dutch. RDR2: Why John Marston Is Just As Evil As Micah Bell. Arthur glared back. In so many ways, Micah becomes the devil on Dutch's shoulder, dialing his worst traits to 11. As much as I hate it, he also gets Arthur to break Micah out of jail, even after he screwed up. How do i move items from my personal satchel to the horse satchel? When John asks why Dutch is there, he replies with, "same as you, I suppose." Having high honor at this part results in a similar ending of Micah running away, but with Arthur seeing one serene final sunrise in peace during his dying breaths. A one-stop shop for all things video games. However, given the circumstantial evidence, this seems like the best answer to explain why Dutch kills Micah Bell. He probably realized that Micah was a rat, just like Arthur told him. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Shooting Micah at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2 could simply just be another random act that all leads back to Dutch Van Der Linde's unstable behavior. This game has nothing but bad decisions from Dutch and I have no idea why people follow him when we have no reason why he's actually a … It's only natural for an egomaniac to show preference to the person who tells him what he wants to hear. As it is revealed, Micah and Dutch were planning to team up before John and Sadie ambushed Micah. According to one Red Dead Redemption 2 theory, Dutch has tracked Micah down with the intent to get revenge. After fighting Micah to a draw, Dutch appears and interrupts Arthur from grabbing a gun and shooting Micah. i tried shooting micah when he took sadie as a shield and dutch killed me for it so i can’t figure out his motives, especially after he leaves all that money behind. Some fans believe he may be suffering from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) after his trolley accident in Saint Denis when trying to escape authorities. When Micah was 17 in 1877, he and his father were on the run for the brutal double homicide of Roscoe and Jean Briggs, who were hung from the rafters with their throats slit. His father fought for the Union in the American Civil War and died in a battle (heavily implied to be the Battle of Gettysburg). Austin King is an author of several books and hosts the Dragon Quest FM and JRPGs & Me podcasts. The reason why Dutch killed Micah isn’t clear after being together for so long and at the end of the video game. Micah did as well, he glared into Arthur blue eyes. Dutch van der Linde; Micah Bell; Van der Linde Gang; Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Canon Rewrite; i barely remember what i stole from the game and what i made up myself anymore tbh; well. Because of his father's death, Dutch seems to have developed a grudge against Southerners. Related: Red Dead Revolver's Main Character Is Hiding In Red Dead Redemption 2. After some convincing, Dutch … Next: Can Arthur Morgan Be Cured In Red Dead Redemption 2. Dutch has known both Arthur and John for decades, as he literally raised them as his own sons. except for the sex maybe; im pretty sure id remember graphic gay sex scenes; come on rockstar get on that dlc; anywho. Okay so WHY did Dutch.... [EXTREME SPOILERS]. Has stress level gone through the roof after all the fights? Dutch was born in 1855 to an unnamed Dutch father and an English woman called Greta. Little is known about his younger days. The surprising part is that it occurs eight years later, and after Dutch has been loyal to Micah for so long. ... Dutch sides with Micah, despite John returning to claim Micah left him for dead. RDR2 wouldn’t be half the game it is if Micah had been the sole antagonist. In 1899, Micah had only been a member of the Van der Linde gang for 5 months before a robbery in Blackwater goes horribly wrong, forcing the gang to hide out in Colter in the Western Grizzlies, although not soon after travelling into the state of New Hanover, Micah was caught by the law for murder and taken to jail in Strawberry. The Chief: "...you are also getting a new partner". After a botched robbery in Saint Denis, Micah, along wit… While some fans believe it all goes back to Dutch's mental health issues and erratic behavior, others believe Dutch's actions had more important motives. It's why Dutch tells John Marston he's there for the same reason John is. In the end, Dutch was at a loss for words, possibly because he realized working with Micah was a bad choice, but we end up seeing him save both John and Sadie's life by shooting Micah, then mysteriously walks away. At the end of Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch Van Der Linde kills Micah Bell. Is There A New Saturday Night Live Episode This Week? I feel Futurama was, is, and always will be underappreciated... Did Dutch make a pact with the Strange Man? It does seem rather strange because he doesn't respond to John's "thank you" or even go back for the money. With high honor, Micah runs away after losing an eye, and Arthur dies in peace. It is madness and it … Dutch says “We have to try” and sends Charles and Arthur to check it out. Micah became ac… It’s … Dutch knows Micah betrayed him, which is why Dutch turns his back on Micah during the good ending of Red Dead Redemption 2 after Arthur Morgan dies. If you help John escape while having low honor, Micah will shoot Arthur in the head. The Witcher's Ciri In Cyberpunk 2077 Theory Explained, Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition Review: Premium Look & Performance, Why Resident Evil 8's Demo Has So Much Wine, How GTA 6's Setting Will Influence Its Radio Stations & Music, Patrick Stewart Receives COVID-19 Vaccine Prior To Picard Season 2, Breath of the Wild: How Many Korok Seeds There Are In Total, Razer Wolverine V2 Review: The Most Comfortable Next-Gen Xbox Controller, Upcoming WandaVision Episode Features Exciting Theme Song Guest Star, Original Baywatch Star Carmen Electra Is Open To A Reboot, Animal Crossing Wedding Season Inspires Disturbing Player Creations, Dead By Daylight Adding Colorblind Mode After Inflammatory Dev Comments, The Immortal Hulk: New Power Hints At Marvel's Version of Cthulhu. *Spoilers*. Arthur groaned as he hesitantly put his gun in his holster. Throughout the vast, sprawling, seemingly never-ending experience of Red Dead Redemption 2, I found myself asking the same question over and over again: Do I even want any of this?Do I need my horse's dynamic testicle physics and shitting patterns? Dutch shooting Micah instead of John is foreshadowed a few seconds earlier. What Happens If Arthur Doesn't Attack Micah While Taking Dutch's Money In Red Dead Redemption 2? One common Red Dead Redemption 2 theory is that Dutch Van Der Linde suffers from mental health issues, which seems likely. The theory begins by establishing that Dutch, in the first few chapters of Red Dead Redemption 2, is a truly kind and just leader.This is shown by Dutch's desperation to rescue those who were lost during the failed Blackwater heist, including John Marston, Micah Bell and Sean MacGuire. John is clearly there to kill Micah, and that's why Dutch is there, too. Will it respawn? But a photograph of the gang in his shop reveals he still reminisces abou It can be assumed that he was his father's partner-in-crime throughout his upbringing, although evidence suggests that he also ran with his brother, Amos, for a time. And even following that disaster, Dutch listens to Micah … Micah crossed paths with Dutch at a fence. The great thing about the ending of Red Dead Read Redemption 2 is that it can be interpreted in a variety of ways. So my White Arabian from Isabella Lake just died. Even before outing Micah as a snitch, Arthur was one of Bell's greatest adversaries. The boss was trying to sell gold to a disagreeable fence in a disagreeable mood. Now, years later, Dutch Van Der Linde arrives at Micah's wanting to kill him. So, why did Dutch wait to kill Micah? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Dutch knows Micah betrayed him, which is why Dutch turns his back on Micah during the good ending of Red Dead Redemption 2 after Arthur Morgan dies. This is why he behaves so erratically in both Red Dead Redemption 2 and the original Red Dead Redemption game. He was in fact pretty stock – a rat hiding in plain sight – whereas Dutch’s arc was more subtle. Keep in mind at this point Dutch is insane and possibly suffering brain damage, I don't think he's meant to make too much sense. Does having to press R2 multiple times to drink a cup of coffee really add to my immersion in the world? Dutch clearly knew Micah was wrong on the mountain where Arthur died, yet he did nothing. Dutch van der Linde is an outlaw having a gang consisting with John Marston, Arthur Morgan, Micah Bell, Charles Smith, Javier Escuella, Bill Williamson, Abigail Roberts and several others.They terrorized the West until 1899 when a botched train robbery occurs, and several gang members leave Arthur and John to … © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. As Morgan notices early on what a… Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The ending to Red Dead Redemption 2 has been hotly debated by fans. tags. He also risks his life to not leave Strauss behind after he is shot in the shootout in Valentine with Cornwall’s men. However, other fans have a different explanation. Working at being some mysterious fucking enigma, wrapped in a vest. Dutch came out of a cabin and was ready to kill John. Anything for his brother, son, lover. Still, why wait so long to get revenge? The end of Red Dead Redemption 2 has Dutch finishing off a character years after its main events, but why did Dutch take so long to kill [SPOILER]? Notes: Ok, listen. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. He believed him. It is after John appearing and having a little conversation that Dutch pulls the gun and kills Micah. What Happens If You Shoot Dutch Instead Of Micah At The Epilogue In Red Dead Redemption 2? At first glance, Micah pegged the older dandy as a windbag. Things escalate, and Micah shoots Susan Grimshaw after she threatens him. [Warning: SPOILERS for Red Dead Redemption 2 below.]. Does the trick on some. Dutch has no reason to believe that John is coming to join forces with Micah, so it's clear that he is also there with the intention of killing Micah … Dutch met Micah in 1898 after Micah saved his life, and only five months later they were embarking on the ill-fated Blackwater heist. Fans have several theories.

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