pulse radar definition

Radar Receiver: A unit of a radar set which demodulates received radar echoes, amplifies the echoes, and delivers them to the radar indicator. A radar pulse train is a type of amplitude modulation of the radar frequency carrier wave, similar to how carrier waves are modulated in communication systems. spousing / ˈspaʊzɪŋ / noun. coherent pulse radar. Radar - Radar - Pulse radar: The most common type of radar signal consists of a repetitive train of short-duration pulses. The radar transmit short pulses of radio frequency which are partially bounced back by airborne objects or spacecrafts. The word "monopulse" implies that with a single pulse, the antenna can gather angle information, as opposed to spewing out multiple narrow-beam pulses in different directions and looking for the maximum return. Pulse-Doppler is a 4D radar system capable of detecting a target 3D location and its radial velocity (range-rate). WikiMatrix. A radar system that transmits pulses of radio energy rather than a continuous beam. In radar, we measure all time in seconds (or fractions of seconds). translation and definition "coherent pulse radar", Dictionary English-English online. The pulse interval, or the time from the beginning of one pulse to the beginning of the next, is determined by the number of pulses which are transmitted in a given period of time. The pulse length is usually called the PULSE WIDTH in radar systems. Lexico's first Word of the Year! A monopulse antenna is one method of realizing a tracking radar. A radar system that transmits pulses of radio energy rather than a continuous beam. The figure shows a simple representation of a sine-wave pulse that might be generated by the transmitter of a medium-range radar designed for aircraft detection. Pulsed radar systems transmit short pulses and calculate the distance to an illuminated target by measuring the time delay between a transmitted pulse and the returning reflected signal. The heart of these radar units is a device called a magnetron, a vacuum tube that emits an extremely brief, powerful pulse of microwave radiation, 4,000 Watts or more. Example sentences with "coherent pulse radar", translation memory. A typical Radar wave form is shown in the following figure. The common radar carrier modulation, known as the pulse … See definitions & examples. Pulse Compression Gain. How a Pulse Radar Works. Definition of pulse radar in English: pulse radar. The monopulse uses four antennas (or quadrants of a single antenna). In this case, the information signal is quite simple: a single pulse repeated at regular intervals. noun. To understand what’s new in radar, we’ll take a quick look at the “old school” radars of the past. The sine wave in the figure represents the variation with time of the output voltage of the transmitter. Pulse Repetition Frequency Radar signals should be transmitted at every clock pulse. It's here! Origin. Word of the day. The duration between the two clock pulses should be properly chosen in such a way that the echo signal corresponding to present clock pulse should be received before the next clock pulse. With the help of pulse compression, a relatively long transmission pulse with comparatively low peak power can achieve a better, longer range than the basic radar equation would suggest. This is because pulse compression can still detect echo signals that have already disappeared in the noise before pulse compression. 1940s; earliest use found in Scientific Monthly.

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