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Built Defense Other Traps Walls; 96%: ... Related TH9 War Base Layouts. Do you have all those points in your mind from the previous heading? Anti-Dragon War Base TH10 Ok so I'm in war and I realized that the enemy clan doesn't have any strong troop besides the dragon, so I decided to make a base that's strong against dragon raids. 4:48. Th9 War Base 2017 Anti 3 Star/Anti 2 Star Anti Everything-Anti Gowipe Anti Goho With Replays. March 18th, 2015 #2. - CLASH OF CLANS.Clash of Clans TH9 Anti 2 Star/ Anti 1 Star War Base 2019 *with Copy Link* can be used also as TH9 Trophy Base Layout. This base is defended against 7 attack strategies like lava loon, electro dragon, Pekka bobat, etc. People who aren’t good with dragons, will not be using them very good during an attack. The first tactic while creating a good anti-dragon Th9 base is the right alignment and placement of the air defenses. Today in this post at cocwiki we are going to discuss about the best clash of clans (coc) town hall 9 clan war bases. 1. In this base, the Air Sweeper can easily force the attackers using Dragons to attack from the back side since nobody wants to face the Air Sweeper, most new players at Town Hall 8 don’t know the AS well. At TH9 I would GOWIPE you and clan wars are moving in that direction as only better war clans are remaining now that noob clans are seeing war isn't worth doing if you lose. Loading... Unsubscribe from Klaus Gaming? 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February 7, 2019. End Stats and Tips 1. Kp Townhall 9 War Base Clash of Clans Layout created by . Built Defense Other Traps Walls; 100%: 100% 31/31: 100% 45/45: 100% 26/26: 100% 250/250: Show All Stats. The first tactic while creating a good anti-dragon Th9 base is the right alignment and placement of the air defenses. 5:16. henryfrancisco3153. … I knew how to make a base anti dragon for TH8 … Inferno: 2 Single Target. So let us begin now. Now let’s talk about the main thing which is creating the anti-dragon Th9 base and teach you how to successfully defend the dragon attacks. 2. I have created this blog to help the players of Clash of Clans by guiding them on different strategies and help them become a better Clasher! This base includes an outer perimeter funneling system to confuse those dopey attacking troops. Spent all afternoon designing and making what would be the most fortuitous and least attacked TH-9 farming/hybrid base that I’ve ever seen! Make sure that you put them in the places where the dragons visit often. Top 16+ Best TH8 war base Anti Dragons, Gowipe, Hogs, Valks . And this is it from the today’s article. All Air Defenses are protected by high HP buildings. Since dragon attacks the thing in front of her and if your air defenses are at one place, they are all going to be destroyed by the dragon’s fire. No Heatmap Overall Damage Air Damage Single Damage Splash Damage Drop Zone. By seeing this base you can tell … TH9 War Base Layouts | Anti Lavaloon, Anti Valkyrie, Anti 3 Stars Every single defense and single building matters your victory when your opponents do a little mistake. Simply funnel the dragons at that time and you will destroy them in a minute. Make sure that you can get as many as you can get from them. A fully tweakable War Layout with tight defensive unit coverage. By Avara Ke. All the bases are anti electro dragon, anti 2 stars, anti 3 stars, anti edrag, anti miner, Pekka bobat, anti 1 star in short anti-everything base. Coc Th9 Farming Base. In this article, we are going to have a look at the best town hall 8 war bases anti dragon 2019. In this article, I am going to give you some tips and tricks for creating a good Anti-Dragon Th9 Base. Make sure that … Clash Of Clans Th9 War Base Anti Everything(Anti Gowipe,Anti Hog,Anti 2 Star,Anti Dragon)2016 - Dargoole cerca e cataloga i video presenti sui più famosi portali di video sharing del Web. 3. TH9 War Base 2017 Anti 3 Star | Defense Against Witch Slap, Lavaloon, Goboho . We are making a new town … 37. Author Type Created Views Won/Lost ; guimaion: TH8 War Base: 6 years ago: 378699: 6916 / 0: Tags: anti dragon. Clash of Clans HOME Village - NEW Valkyrie, Golem, Bomb Tower, Air Sweeper Levels! CLASH OF CLANS UPDATE :: SNEAK PEEK 1 :: MAIN VILLAGE! Conceptual ideas are ideas that have been thought up either by me, peers that I've spoken to, or something that I've picked up but haven't confirmed to be true by the experts. Hey Clashers. UPDATE! I call this base design "The Triple Threat" or "TTT" for short. Let the battle start, and those 2 traps and the bomb tower will do the rest! 9. Heatmaps. Best TH9 War Base Links Anti Everything. The answer. Make sure that you get rid of the air defenses by other means if you want to get the maximum benefit of your dragon. This base is one of the best th9 anti 3 star war base. TH9 war base anti-air attacks 2018 . anti drag Layout. After that, a mortar, the clan castle, two giant bombs, two air bombs, and the barbarian king are in the next compartment. Let us know in the comments section, what you feel about this layouts. Town Hall 9 New Update 2016, 2017 Clash Of Clans; Coc Th9 TOP TEN Best War Base 2016, Town Hall 9 Anti All Combo New Update Clash Of Clans ; Clash of Clans | NEW TH9 War Base with BOMB TOWER | Town Hall 9 Anti … ... maxed out TH9, minus the heroes kinda quit, Lurker mode: on. Anti Dragon Lv.5 and High w/Proof | TH9 War Base Strongest | Clash of Clans==============================================Thank you for watching, please click subscribe and like to get th9 war base video, th9 farming base and other clash of clans videos==============================================Video PlaylistBuilder Base: War Base: War Base: War: 4:02. you can also see some of the layouts have a unique design and some of them have a compact design because some are designed to with stand dragon attacks and other bases are designed for other attacks. This Town Hall 9 War Base is anti-air, anti-gowipe, anti-dragon, basically anti-everything! Creating Anti-Dragon Th9 Base: How to Defend against Dragon. Keep checking this website for more tips, tricks and layouts of the clash of clans. Inferno: 2 Multiple & 1 Single. War TH9. Victoriainston22. Make sure that you spread them all over the place. Jul 4, 2019 - Anti 3 Stars Attacks, The Only TH7 War Base Links you will ever Need to Defend Against DRAGONS and GIANTS in Clan WAR Leagues at TH7. Any attacker penetrating the Townhall will find their troops being attacked from EVERY angle! Best TH7 War Base Links Anti Everything The above-mentioned layouts are having clan castle in the middle of the core compartment, that makes hard to lure out clan castle troops. Best TH9 War Base Link Anti Everything 2020. Modify Layout. Before I Will Highlight the designs, please Remember that you should always execute several adjustments before utilizing these.It really is essential never to offer flaws once multiple individuals here make use of the designs and also you also really don’t need them to learn where your cubes are. The upgrading of inferno towers in the level th10 can also be very useful but since we are talking about th9, you can’t use that.

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