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We have over 25+ years experience in the inspirational media industry & operate over 130+ platforms every day.

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At Light Media Network, it is our mission to Take The Gospel to the audio, video, and entertainment industry as well as the inspirational media space.

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Strong Relationships

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An Early Stage Publicly Traded Company

Light Media (LGMH) recognized as one of 17 publicly-traded multimedia conglomerates in the United States (see below) as indicated on RBR.com (Radio Index) and the #940th Media company in the world, as ranked by NYU School of Business.

Light Media Network – An Early Stage Multi-Media Conglomerate

Light Media Network (OTC Markets: LGMH), Global Media Specialist, via its internet, radio, television, print and special events asset platforms, specializes in the marketing and distribution of inspirational music, video, apps (audio, visual, games), entertainment and blockchain technology worldwide. Light Media has been steadily investing and reinvesting in its quest to build a leading, global multi-media conglomerate by delivering to the chosen target market community environments. Mission: Take The Gospel To The Streets. Light Media recognized by RBR as one of the Top 25 US-based publicly-traded radio/media companies, and by NYU School of Business as one of the Top 1,000 media companies in the world. To listen live to Light Media’s flagship media platform/franchise – The King – serving metro Atlanta (#7 market in the USA), please visit: www.1055TheKing.com.

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