hellfire missile blades

The missile does not have an explosive warhead, but rather uses its weight and "a halo of six long blades" that deploy before impact to shred through whatever is in its path. The Hellfire missile was originally developed in the 1980s as an anti-tank missile, though its role has been expanded for a variety of missions thanks to the missile’s high precision. The Hellfire R, or Hellfire Romeo, is a semi-active laser homing missile, meaning it homes in on a pulse of laser light aimed at the target. Everything We Know About America's Sword Blade Hellfire Missile And Its Latest Target. https://www.popularmechanics.com/.../weapons/a30175425/cia-blade-missile BLADE GUNNER Hellfire ‘ninja’ missile with six spinning swords rips jihadis to pieces in Syria, reports claim. AGM-114 R9X Hellfire Blade Bomb. Weird, deadly and spooky as hell but amazing. A Hellfire missile hangs from a U.S. Air Force MQ-1B Predator unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), at a secret air base in the Persian Gulf region. Hell in a Handbasket Amazing. The AGM-114A Hellfire missile entered service into the U.S. Army in April 1986. A number of these strikes have also been carried out in the same general region of Syria using the AGM-114R9X Hellfire missile, which has a warhead consisting of pop-out sword-like blades … https://dailycaller.com/2020/06/25/hellfire-blades-missle-r9x-syria-terrorist I can't even imagine what the remains look like but I bet sliced ham would be a good start. These missiles have been reportedly been used only a few times. Some mad scientist/weapons designer came up with an inert but lethal Hellfire Missile. CIA used a secret missile to kill terrorists ‘With No Explosion’ the Wall Street Journal reported 09 May 2019. Seems like a more painless way to die in my opinion. A new weapon, however, dive-bombs using six blades to precision-target … BLADE GUNNER Hellfire ‘ninja’ missile with six spinning swords rips jihadis to pieces in Syria, reports claim . The Hellfire missile, or AGM-114R9X, which has a set of six folding blades instead of a warhead for minimum collateral damage, is believed to have … Khalid al-Aruri, a Jordanian also known by his nom de guerre Abu al-Qassam al-Urduni, was struck in his car, almost certainly by a new breed of lethal, highly accurate missile. Just microfragment my ass instead. The AGM-114R9X is, at its most simplistic levels, a Hellfire missile with the explosive warhead removed from the center portion of its body. Hellfire missiles may be effective, but they often endanger innocent bystanders. The R9X Hellfire Missile, which The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday has been used at least twice—once by the Pentagon and once by the CIA—is a new weapon that is intended to reduce civilian casualties. Designed to minimize civilian casualties, the ninja missile is a specially modified Hellfire—without a warhead. T he Pentagon has built a new missile known as a 'ninja bomb' which deploys a ring of steel blades to kill its target rather than exploding.. A variant of the Hellfire missile, the R9X carries no explosives. Jenny Awford, US Digital Editor; Dec 3 2019, 20:09 ET; Updated: Dec 4 2019, 2:59 ET; A TERRIFYING ‘ninja’ missile with six spinning swords appears to have been unleashed in a deadly airstrike on terrorists in Syria, reports claim. 31 The United States has deployed the Hellfire missile in numerous combat operations. In the warhead’s place are six extendable blades … In place of explosives, razor-sharp folding blades are used to literally chop the target to bits. Two years later, and the Wall Street Journal has revealed the technology behind that explosion-free strike: A special adaptation of the Hellfire missile that deploys six metal blades … The AGM-114 Hellfire (AGM stands for air-to-ground missile) is an air-to-surface missile (ASM) first developed for anti-armor use, but later models were developed for precision drone strikes against other target types, and have been used in a number of actions aimed to "destroy High-value targets." The Hellfire family was originally developed in the 1980s as a tank-busting, surface-to-air missile designed specifically to counter armor. Several variants are …

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