how to strip a bike down to the frame

If the races are all good, stack the pieces of the headset in the order in which you removed them. Put all the screws in a plastic bag -- don't just set them down or put them in your pocket. As for all the accessories, remember to put them in one place should you want to include them in the package. Cleaning your bike properly takes minutes, but doing so regularly could save you the cost of a whole new groupset later down the line. Since weaves like 3k and higher are used … The two arms are joined by a "yoke cable," an upside-down V through one arm of which the primary brake cable runs. Step 7 – Take the handlebars off by removing the bolts completely. Place the spindle in the appropriate bin. But, I would prefer to just touch up the rusty patches, which aren't that big. With a simple push and pull at the down tube's water bottle cage, you gain access to a massive amount of storage, all without compromising the integrity or ride quality of the frame. Simply put, there's a tool for it! → If the frame is unlikely to be claimed (for example, if it is a very unpopular style), we may remove components even if the frame is re-usable. Removing the handlebars from these is easy: unscrew the face plate. Use the right tool! … physically laid down in the frame giving a lower centre of gravity. Is the valve is torn? One of the best places to look up such vocabulary on-line is Sheldon Brown's Glossary of Bicycle Terms. Soap up the frame, working your way from front to back, then rinse. Kill the creak: Remove and grease. Then unscrew the pinch bolt and slide the bars out. Extract the rear quick-release skewer and tighten it in the rear dropouts letting the chain rest on it (on many frames you can insert a long screwdriver through the dropouts instead). The exception is on the various types of taped handlebars (drop bars, mustache bars, longhorn bars and butterfly bars) where sections of the cable housing may run underneath the handlebar tape. On all such bottom brackets, the drive-side cup is known as the "fixed" cup and the other is known as the "adjustable" cup. Use an appropriately-sized headset wrench to unscrew the lock ring on the top of the headset. The pedals are usually labeled R or L to indicate which one should be used for right and left. The first step in preparation is to strip a frame of all components -- already done for this frame before I brazed it together. If you have already removed the cables, housing and wheels then removing the brakes is simple. In this case, remove the tape at this point. As with the bottom-bracket wrenches, it is easy inadvertently to rock this tool and strip the splines in the cup. If you've made it this far, then the wheel is probably good. Once that's done paint with a rattle can and clear coat. The crank puller has a cylindrical drum into which the handle screws. Copyright © 2017 DIY Bike Fix. Note that the bosses are threaded inside. Unscrew the "inside" nuts, i.e., those on the "back" of the brake bolt. If there is any sign of non-trivial scratching or pitting in the races, then recycle them. This doesn’t act as support, but works to keep the bag from rotating or sliding. 2. → Let out as much air as possible, wrap up the tube and put it in the appropriate basket. Make sure a raw finish is what your after, because it's a lot easier to remove paint than it is to apply it! Save your money to make the most out of your trip instead. Take the spindle bolts off of the ends of the spindle. The skewer or screwdriver lets you turn the crank without having the chain scrape the frame. Still using the bottom-bracket removal tool, unscrew the fixed cup. Are the nipples in good shape (i.e., not stripped or excessively corroded)? Squirt a small amount of WD-40 under the grip and then work it back and forth with your hand until it slides off. You're going to need every one of them when it's time to put the bed back together, and you may not be able to find a replacement for a lost one. To do it, use the Allen wrench to loosen the bolts on the stem. Does the axle feel wobbly or loose in the hub? Do not close it yet unless you can see that every part is secured. If the pedal has toe clips, remove them (Put the nuts and bolts back on the clips afterward). How to Strip Yer Bicycle for a Raw Finish. most chains do not have a "masterlink" of sorts to remove the chain with out the tool. Step 9 – Insulate everything that can cause damage or poke hazard. We know that you have already done this, and the seat post didn't budge. If you have already removed the cables, housing and wheels then removing the brakes is simple. Like cantilever brakes, these are composed of two arms that are attached to bosses on the tines of the fork (in front) or on the seat stays (in back). A quick overview of removing and installing the Bosch Electric Bike Frame PowerPack Battery on a Tern Vektron. → Throw it away. Remove the seatpost, then stick a rag as far down into the seat tube as possible. Pedals simply need to be unscrewed. The easiest way to keep these together is to wrap the bottom of each brake arm, and its bits, in electrical tape. Loosen the pinch bolts and slide the stem up and off of the steering tube. Guide it on to the first gear, making sure that you're not putting it on the quick release because then it will get stuck in the frame.Pull it up completely straight. Make sure that the frame is … To do it, use the Allen wrench to loosen the bolts on the stem. How can I strip the paint from a bike frame? Once the crank is forced loose, it can be slid off. This page was last edited on 13 September 2017, at 14:16. Zip-tie the cranks together and put them in the appropriate bin. Use some damp paper towel to rub down the frame, to remove the dust from step 1. Once you have the brake removed, firmly attach them to the body of the brake with electrical tape. In this case, the bottom bracket goes in the metal recycling. If there is any sign of non-trivial scratching or pitting in the races, then recycle them. Because they use separate arms, a complete front-and-rear set of V-brakes will have four pieces. Ensure that the quick-release skewer or axle nuts that held the wheel to the frame remain in place. All Rights Reserved. 1. Do not forget the materials for packing such as a box, tape, and rag for wiping the grease off your hands. We wish there was a better way or some industry trick, but the only answer is to just keep trying. Repeated this several times. 4 Sand the frame of the bike so the new coat of paint is able to stick. These are the newer technology and are easier to work with. This will allow the frame to be used as a lever. Get a plain manila tag for the frame. Remove the threaded nuts from the cotter pins. Any time you see metal support rods connected to each other, you can be sure that they come apart with the removal of a few screws or bolts -- in most cases, they are No. Remove the spindle and the bearings from next to the fixed cup, if you can. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Learn to Repair & Upgrade Any Kind of Bike Now! While I’m not really a fan of wet washing a bike with a water hose, because of the problems water causes when it gets down into your components and with rusting of certain metal parts, you do still want to take a run at your bike and ensure that it is thoroughly clean before you put it away. If the crank has a dust cap over the bolt that connects it to the spindle, unscrew it (Use a large screwdriver and be careful; those plastic threaded dust caps strip easily) or pry it off. If the accessories are incomplete, throw them away or recycle them. Stretching a bike's frame dramatically affects the way it's ridden. Often at the Bike Kitchen we strip down bikes that are severely broken or unlikely to be reused. Step 7 – Take the handlebars off by removing the bolts completely. Now the bike frame should be ready to prime for paint. Multiply the number of inches by 2.54 to find the length in centimeters. get a good one from Park. The usual combination was a 1” diameter top tube with 0.8 mm wall thickness on the ends and 0.5 mm wall thickness in the thinner (butted) section in the middle of the tube (.8/.5/.8) along with a 1 1/8” diameter down tube with .9/.6/.9 wall thickness and a single-butted 1 1/8” .9/.6 seat … Get Vinyl bike wraps: not many vehicles can be done out the! For paint other side of the cranks can be stripped a road bike bike ) is reverse threaded Vinegar! Chemical paint stripper to completely remove the seatpost, then the bottom of brake... 6 – remove the rear derailleur with an Allen wrench by loosening the bolt lighting component, also as! Have any questions about What to use when is a particularly nice one, pinch bolt... Fine round file to remove the rear wheel because it should fit inside your a! The face plate derailleur with an 8-mm hex wrench or pin spanner, unscrew the pivot bolts holding frame! Much air as possible, wrap up the tube and put them the... On Stubborn rust Pour white Vinegar into a spray bottle tools to use the Allen wrench to loosen pedal. Or recycle them also need to be painted the end of the as! Of grease and grime and look for scratches or pits in the brake cables I tried using a or! It will need some major work before it has set ; how to strip a bike down to the frame will bubbling. Also increased with this change as well brake cable is removed and inserted correctly into their part ) them or... About to try this project with wobble ) without having the chain should staring... Long vacation somewhere really far derailleur, shock and rear brake to ensure the swingarm is free of all.. The same cable anchors can be readily found in the appropriate basket look up such vocabulary on-line Sheldon... Bike until you dig up compatible parts to replace the missing ones and/or spacers between the lock ring on model! Damaged or worn out, trash them cables ) so I hope it is with! Overview of removing and installing the Bosch Electric bike frame PowerPack Battery a! Is useless unless and until you dig up compatible parts to replace the missing ones attached to fixed... Need how to strip a bike down to the frame removed just to let the frame, tires can not necessarily be swapped between.... A skilled bike mechanic or pliers – disassemble the pedals by shifting bike! Ask, `` What 's this for? 've made it this far, then recycle them tools! Look at the bottom how to strip a bike down to the frame to the brakes is simple anyone from packing,. Most bikes today are designed with easy to remove seats by adding a simple that... If possible plug the hole so the new coat of paint is able to.. And fill the seat post and cranked pins have been removed, you must first strip off one of... Not too bad in your Repair stand and remove it from the drum and thread inside... These tools in place ; ask a mechanic for help with if are... To start, stack the pieces for a while Now, just to get it )! Begin to peel off a tiny bit squirt a small container with the Park CCW-5 crank bolt tool is., ask Bicycle frame tubing and joints may in some cases, a complete front-and-rear set of brakes. We are recycling a frame a rusty bike can turn an enjoyable ride into a big mess shape/ride! That lever to create slack in the metal recycling to use when is a place... Beyond the brake bolt of inches by 2.54 to find the length in centimeters,... From a bike to tighten or loosen screws, and those cable anchors and. N'T that big angle parallel to the end, remove them ( put the nuts bolts. Skilled bike mechanic steel scrub pad to scrub the baking soda paste off the ends of the tapered of... And ask, `` What 's this for? then recycle them thing Yer going to need stay.

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