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2.) But what we do know is, LIS was a great idea that shouldn’t have died the way it did. Talk about spending her money wisely! Of course the figures above may look like they are not real to you but when your blog is one of the most visited websites in the world, the money just naturally starts flowing to you. Born on September 19,1980 into a family of six girls and one boy, she rose by sheer dint of hard work and persistence to … Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian Blogger from Nigeria. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned with the platform and so it became dormant just 3 months after it was launched. According to her, when she became tired of calling on the developers to fix errors she discovered from the site, she just let it go. As of January 2021, The estimated net worth of Linda Ikeji is more than $12 million. Today the women have been performing exceptionally well in many fields of life and industry. This net worth has been generated from her career as a blogger and a writer. The female blogger runs a non-profit project themed “I’d rather be self-made; No thanks”. Well, Linda actually makes a whole lot of money from that blog. In August 2012, Forbes listed her among the 20 Most Prominent Women In Africa. These advertisement deals, usually in the form of sponsored posts or banners, till today remains her blog’s greatest method of generating income. The report has it that Linda Ikeji’s net worth as of 2019 is $40 million. Previously, it was reported that she was worth even more, although those reports might be unreliable or outdated. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can find her on Twitter @LindaIkeji and as well as on Instagram and Youtube. As a way to appreciate her readers and as well as further boost her blog’s traffic, she soon started LIB Giveaway Mondays. Being born on 19 September 1980, Linda Ikeji is 40 years old as of today’s date 24th January 2021. She maintains a luxurious lifestyle with expensive cars and houses. In the same year, her blog LIB was named “website/blog of the Year” by Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards. She also bought her parents a N100 million duplex in Lagos, Nigeria. Early June 2019, Forbes Africa published a magazine “Content Is Queen” with Linda featured on the Cover page. Even though Linda Ikeji looks like an average girl, she is actually a billionaire. I enjoy learning new things and sharing what i know. Linda has been internationally recognized and honoured with different awards for her hardwork and contributions to human life. Linda Ikeji net worth is estimated to be around ₦3.2 Billion currently. She has been blogging since 2006. On this particular day, several of her readers are given the opportunity to win certain amounts of money through their comments on a particular post. Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, popularly known just as Linda Ikeji, is a renowned Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model. She is from a Catholic family, and not much is known about her family details. One of the part-time jobs she did while in school was modelling. Her social media handles are very very active. Linda Ikeji has created the Linda Ikeji TV which is an online television network. Ikeji is also active in philanthropy and is the creator of the non-profit project “I’d rather be self-made; No thanks”. This means Linda Ikeji should have up to N500 million naira now … Her blog soon became one of the most visited websites in Nigeria and all over the world. Not much is known about the personal life of Linda Ikeji. It is reported that Linda charges anything from N50,000 to N300,000 to promote a song, video, product or service on her blog. She has got her domain at As a lady who has had her share of the struggles that many Nigerians born into poor homes experience, her success story continues to be a source of inspiration to several millions of people all over Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth and Source of Wealth 2020 See Latest Update. With the net worth of $3.2 Billion, Linda Ikeji is considered the first billionaire blogger and writer in Nigeria. In August 2012, Forbes Africa dedicated itself to celebrating African women that month’s issue. She is also reported to have numerous investments in real estate. In the beginning, Linda Ikeji has worked as a bartender and waitress. As her traffic grew, her blog started attracting serious advertisement deals from some of the biggest companies, political parties, non governmental organisations and so on. Honda Civic 2010. this car was her gift to her manager for his hardwork in promoting the LIB brand. It is reported she earns close to N19.5 million every month from dir… She started writing when she was ten years old. In October of 2015, her net worth was estimated to be as high as 1.2 billion naira, over 6 … Ask Seun Osewa of Nairaland, even without Google Advertisement, he rakes in millions monthly from that site. As of 2019, Linda Ikeji is worth approximately $40 million dollars (₦14.5 billion). Linda IKeji biography has been tainted with this story but she has managed to rise above everything. Linda Ikeji Blog Owner’s Net Worth. She bought this car in 2011. A N108 million Bentley Mulsanne which she bought in 2018 for her son to celebrate his arrival. Can she ever resurrect the social networking site? One can, therefore, say is worth $10 million. Her parents hail from a town called Nkwerre in Imo State, Nigeria. 3. She has also appeared on the list of “Most Influential Nigerian Woman”. Linda Ikeji Biography & Net Worth 2018 (Forbes) Linda Ikeji, popular celebrity blogger and ex-model. 20 in Nigeria’s Alexa rankings. She soon followed that up with yearly giveaways where she rewarded her most faithful followers in a year with some chunks of money. Genevieve and Linda Ikeji net worth are estimated at $10 million and $40 million respectively… Linda Ikeji’s Net worth, Cars and Houses. She is estimated to be worth about $40 million (15.2 Billion Naira), making her the richest blogger not just in Nigeria but the whole of Africa. 3.) In 2018, she became pregnant with his son and delivered him on the 17th of September, 2018, in a hospital in Georgia, Atlanta. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); You have entered an incorrect email address! With money reeling in from advertising, settlements, sponsorships and more, Linda Ikeji is recorded to be worth an estimated 3.2 billion naira. Linda Ikeji Net Worth 2021 in Naira & Dollars {Forbes}, Current Best University in Nigeria ~ Top Ten (10) 2020, Average Salary In Nigeria 2021 {In USD and Naira}, Australian Visa In Nigeria ~ Fees & How to Apply 2020, Car Wash Business in Nigeria ~ Cost & Equipment, Ikeja Postal Code for all its Districts | Zip Codes, How to Buy from Amazon and Ship to Nigeria. Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth and Source of Wealth 2020: Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger and is in her mid-thirties, she is the CEO of LindaIkejiBLOG.COM. Linda Ikeji Net worth. Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model, best known for her controversial publications and her media contributions to the development of the Nigerian Entertainment industry. Ikeji … As of 2021, her total net worth is approximately N3.2 billion (which is cca. She has made controversial posts for the campaign # SaveMayowa. After her Secondary School education, she got an admission into Lagos State University to study English. In 2013, she won the award for “Website/Blog of the Year” by Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award. She has a fleet of expensive cars and also a Multimillion naira mansion in Banana Island. Well, according to TheNetWorthPortal, she is currently worth the whopping $8.5 million. Linda Ikeji is a very social lady, always wearing a smile. I completely stopped promoting it. Being one to have always loved writing, it didn’t take time for her to start generating good contents on her blog. 4.) Linda Ikeji net worth So how much is Linda Ikeji worth? Not even the viral news of Davido buying his girlfriend Chioma a N45 million 2018 Porsche car, has shaken the Nigerian cyber space the linda ikeji net worthway the news of Linda Ikeji’s over half a billion naira mansion did in 2015. When Linda Ikeji’s net worth was released on the Internet to be in the region of US$1.2 million, the news seemed unbelievable to the Lagos-based entrepreneur. She has also interviewed HipTV. Our estimates reveal that her blog and social media channels bring in about $200,000 (₦72 million) monthly from a combination of ad sense and local ad placements. Linda Ikeji is a news carrier blogger from Nigeria who is the country’s highest-paid blogger. Linda whose full name is Linda Ifeoma Ikeji was born on the 19th day of September 1980. 7.) Related: Wizkid Net Worth, Biography, Cars, and Lifestyle She has also served as a fashion columnist for a celebrity magazine. Therefore, Linda Ikeji net worth is estimated to be $15 million + $25million = $40 Million USD. On Instagram, she has over 52,000 followers and has got over 750,000 Twitter followers. She bought this SUV for N8 million. Linda Ikeji’s net worth is reportedly worth ₦ 3.2 billion. This made her become the first Nigerian billionaire blogger and writer. They promised me heaven and earth and could not deliver.” She continued, “if they had done better, LIS would have thrived. $16 million). She is fully named Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, is a Nigerian blogger, writer and entrepreneur. She assists girls of 16-25 years and has donated NGN10,000,000 in its first phase. This weekly, monthly and yearly giveaways further announced her blog in different places and more than tripled her daily traffic. On the 21st of November 2016, Linda announced the start of LindaIkejiMusic, an online music platform. Are we going to see the site sometime in the future again? The traffic just kept pouring in for her. Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth. Linda Ikeji net worth has been something of debate on the internet over the years. So so much that she could buy 5 cars and 2 houses under a year from it. Thanks to her career as a professional blogger that she can amass this money. Her blog alone reportedly makes millions of naira a month. Linda Ikeji Net Worth: Linda Ikeji is currently one of the richest and the most influential bloggers in Nigeria and in Africa, with an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars. Being so powerful in the media industry, LIB has earned Linda Ikeji a lot of money. by Linda Ikeji at 20/01/2021 34 comments Tiffany Trump's fiancé, Michael Boulos, 23, proposed to her with a 13-CARAT emerald-cut diamond from Dubai estimated to be worth up to $1.2M (photos) Miss Ikeji also started an online TV Channel which she announced on August 22, 2016. she called it LindaIkejiTV. Her relationship and family life, cars, houses and investments. 5.) While some believe she worth so much, others think it’s just a sham, how could a mere blogger worth … Be sure to drop your comments using the comment box below. Linda Ikeji’s net worth is Linda Ikeji Net Worth & Biography 2019 - Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a Nigerian writer, entrepreneur and blogger. Her height is 1.72 m tall, and her weight is 58 kg. But she got used to it over time. Later, she ventured into modelling and remained a model till 2005. So there you have it, hope you ‘ve satisfied your curiousity, lol. Linda Ikeji’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. They have collected enormous wealth for themselves, and they... Linda Ikeji Net Worth 2021: Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Dating, Bio-Wiki. Networth. Linda was born on the 19th of September 1980, into a Christian home. However, there were rumours that she was dating Don Jazzy previously. In 2014, Linda Ikeji was Nigeria’s most “Google Search” trend. This car which she said she bought for her daddy costs about N7.5 million. Summing up the individual worth of the cars, we got a total worth of about 150 million naira. It is reported she earns close to N19.5 million every month from direct adverts on her blog alone. She is also an entrepreneur and a former model. In her interview with Business Insider, she was asked why her social network failed, here is an excerpt of what she said. Her blog was temporarily shut down by Google in 2014. Ikeji was interviewed by … Toyota Sequoia. Apart from owning that N556 million house in Banana Island, Lagos, the celebrity blogger is also the owner of a 75 million naira seven-bedroom mansion located at her hometown (Nkwerre) in Imo State. Linda Ikeji was born as Linda Ifeoma Ikeji in Nigeria’s Nkwerre, Imo. Even Linda was so surprised to realize that her blog worth $1.2 million back in 2012 but I think she now know better. As part of our tradition here on Naij Naira, you won’t just get what you want which is Linda Ikeji net worth but you will also get to know every other things you need about her. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start. In 2012, she appeared in the list of ‘Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women’ by Forbes. Linda Ikeji Net Worth As of January 2021, The estimated net worth of Linda Ikeji is more than $12 million. In 2018, Trinity International University Georgia, honoured her with an “Honorary Doctorate Degree” for her great work both in the media and also in business. Linda Ikeji is a Professional blogger from Nigeria. 1.) Ms Linda Ikeji net worth shows the blogger is a Naira billionaire with a banana island house, a media studio, many cars and other properties to her name. Estimated to have a net worth of 14.4 Billion Nigerian Naira, Linda Ikeji has indeed proven to all of us that truly “Content is Queen”. Linda Ikeji is one of the richest African women Linda Ikeji is the first Naira billionaire blogger in Nigeria Linda Ikeji net worth is estimated at about $40 million Linda Ifeoma Ikeji (born 19 September 1980) is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model. Apart from blogging linda Ikeji also invest in other other businesses including real estates and host of other business. The following year, Ikeji became an active blogger. She operates a blog which has huge traffic, and this has helped to increase her net worth. She has also done outdoor advertisements as was seen at ECO FEST. This programme soon became a source of inspiration and hope for so many young girls and women in Nigeria as many of them had their businesses restored through it or ended up starting a new one entirely through it. The outfit includes YouTube and TV channels, Video productions, Inteernet TV, and other aspects of entertainment with investment worth of around $25million USD. She started her career as a blogger in 2006. Apart from her blog earnings, she also makes a lot of money from her Youtube and TV channels, video productions and other kinds of entertainment the Linda Ikeji Media undertakes. Now Linda is one of the most successful Nigerian entrepreneurs. Read more: Adesua Etomi Biography: Movies, Age, Family, Husband, biological father. 3.) She has been active on many other fronts and also earns money from advertisements. In 2016, she moved to her Multi-million Naira mansion home, a feat celebrated by many, especially the female gender in Nigeria. For a woman who was never born with a silver spoon, Linda Ikeji has really worked hard to get to where she is today. Top 13 Richest Women in the World 2021 –... Top 15 Richest Families in the World 2021, Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model. The shows are broadcasted directly on Linda Ikeji TV. Apart from modelling, she also worked as a waitress and a writer while still in Lagos State University. Instagram embed. As of 2020, The net worth of Linda Ikeji is estimated to be over $45 million. Her network airs many programs, including movies, talk shows, and reality shows. She became popular both in Nigeria and Africa for her blog. 2.) Since starting her blog in 2006, Linda has built a mini media empire. Being the hustler that she is, Linda started taking part-time jobs even while in school to make extra cash for herself and also assist her parents in taking care of her tuition fees. I know a lot are curious to know how much Linda Ikeji is worth. Linda ikeji is popularly known for founding; a blog where she shares celebrity gossips, news on entertainment & […] That is why she has a very good collection of them. She also started LindaIkejiSocial (LIS), a social media that was meant to connect family and friends just like Facebook and Twitter. There's one thing she's known for, which most women can relate to vividly, of course they share it Linda Ikeji is in her very late thirties and her net worth is estimated at #14,400,000,000. Linda Ikeji’s biography, husband, House, Cars, blog & net worth » Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a successful Nigerian blogger and millionaire entrepreneur. She is the second child of her parents and has been doing odd jobs since she was a child to assist her family. She has been active on many other fronts and also earns money from advertisements. Maybe you know about Linda Ikeji very well But do you know how old and tall is she and what is her net worth in 2021? This proves that she has a huge fan base in the world. So so much that she could buy 5 cars and 2 houses under a year from it. “The people that made it, did a poor job, they were mediocre. Toyota Camry. She completed her bachelor’s degree in 2004. Linda’s net worth is now more than $12 Million. At the 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards, she won the award for Best Entertainment Blog. The name Linda Ikeji was the most searched item by users of Google in Nigeria Ikeji shares new year resolution for 2020. She has very wide range of income sources but online advertisement makes a large portion of her cash flow. She is also the founder of Linda Ikeji Social. If you are searching for the current net worth of Linda Ikeji according to forbes magazine in 2019, you will find it in this particular post. “How much does she make from her blog to be worth so much money?” you might be wondering. With the money pouring in, she soon started “I’d Rather Be Self Made; No Thanks,” an empowerment programme that trains and assists young Nigerian ladies to embrace entrepreneurship and work with their hands instead of using their body as a means of money making. Through blogging, Linda has gathered for herself lots of wealth with her site said to be worth 7 figures. Her primary source of income is from her blog The TV Channel airs talk shows, reality shows, tv series, movies and other kinds of programmes which is produced by her Media team or bought from other sources. Linda Ikeji net worth 2020 is estimated as $75 million. She’s not just the richest blogger in Nigeria but also one of the most productive bloggers around the globe. This one was bought for her younger brother Peks as a birthday gift. Ikeji has made controversial statements against Doyin Okupe. She is already considered one of the richest and the most successful ladies in Africa. By origin, she is a native of Nkwerre local government in Imo State. Well, we don’t know that for sure. Somehow, she managed to keep her relationship with him away from the public eye. In December 2015, Linda fell in love with a young man, Sholaye Jeremi. In the same year, she was interviewed by BBC on the programme “Focus On Africa” which aired on September 25, 2012. Within two weeks of that announcement, the TV network received over 10,000 subscribers and has since then continued to grow on a daily basis. This too failed, just like the music platform. 4.) In 2006, she launched the magazine, ‘FM & B’. Although she and Mr Sholaye are no longer together, Linda never ceases to use every opportunity she has to express how grateful she is to have baby Jayce in her life right now. The billionaire blogger is not only a lover of big and expensive mansions, she is also a lover of big cars. Well, Linda actually makes a whole lot of money from that blog. 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria 10 Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria You Need to Know HOW TO … My name is Rasaq Olayemi, i like anything science, engineering and technology. Thanks to her career as a professional blogger that she can amass this money. I thought I wouldn't need God, but life humbled me - Nigerian lady who was called to … Today, she has become a popular name in Nigeria, and her blog is currently at No. Popularly known for her blog, the queen of African bloggers has set a pace for so many bloggers all over the continent to follow. If I had continued, people would have still come no matter how bad it was.”. She comes from a poor background from Nkwerre, Imo State. Old pictures of her as a model can still be seen on different platforms online, especially on her personal blog. Later, she became the founder of, which is a social networking platform. She is a former model and is currently involved in writing and entrepreneurship. When it comes to Linda’s net worth, she is one of the highest-paid bloggers in Nigeria, and her net worth is about N 3.2 billion. Popular Nigerian model, blogger, and author Linda Ikeji is a veru rich woman. From the calculations given above, we can say that Linda Ikeji makes a total of N59,190,000 on a monthly basis. In June 2019, Linda was featured on Forbes Africa “Content Is Queen” magazine where she graced the Coverpage. There are surely more. With time, her blog grew to the point that Opera Mini, UCWEB and other mobile browsing apps back then started including her site in their default bookmarks or speed dials alongside other Nigerian sites like Naijaloaded and Vanguard. She is the sole reason many Nigerians and other Africans have embraced blogging as a full time job today. As of 2019, Linda Ikeji is worth approximately ₦14.5 billion, Our estimates reveal that her blog and social media channels bring in about ₦72 million monthly from a combination of Google Adsense of $1,443 (₦549,061.50) daily and other local ad … Apart from that, you will also find here nearly everything you would want to know about the billionaire blogger. After completing her schooling, Ikeji studied the English language at the University of Lagos. She has also posted about celebrities like Richard Mofe Damijo, Tonto Dikeh, Wizkid, Funke Akindele, and Djimon Honshu. She is enterprising, creative, and also one of the most talented bloggers in the entertainment industry. Linda Ikeji blog won the Nigeria Blog Awards (NBA) for 2013 as the Best Entertainment Blog. Honda Accord. Linda Ikeji net worth of 2020 is estimated at $75 million. If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Linda Ikeji’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Linda Ikeji Cars net Worth. She has also worked as an usher at occasions. In 2012, she appeared in ‘Focus on Africa’ on BBC. Also, she was awarded Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards for 2013 website/blog of the year. Ikeji is active in online radio broadcasting and has created the Linda Ikeji Media Office. Two years after her graduation (that’s in 2006), she started her blog. Coupled with that is her monthly earnings from Google which is estimated to be around N12 million. In this article we’ll share facts about Linda Ikeji’s blogging career, net worth, houses, cars, and assets. Linda Ikeji Net Worth. 6.) She is an ex-model whose life is … Infinity FX 35. In this article, we take a look at Linda Ikeji's net worth in 2021, total earnings, salary, and biography. Linda Ikeji is currently worth $40 Million which is N16.4 Billion Naira. Note, this the total worth of the linda ikeji cars we know about. She is known for her blog. Full Linda Ikeji Biography Profile. 1.) With all that hard work and that kind of money, it is expected that she lives a lavish life. During her time as a model, Ikeji has worked for several brands like Folorunsho Alakija and Rose of Sharon. Linda Ikeji is one of the most famous bloggers in the world. “How much does she make from her blog to be worth so much money?” you might be wondering. Range Rover Sport 2014. she bought this car 24 million Naira. In 2013, she won the “Best Entertainment Blog” award by Nigeria Blog Awards (NBA).

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